Send the Message of Hope for Tomorrow
to Those Who Need It Today

Shields for Heroes has teamed up with doctors, nurses, their families (and their pets), as well as some of
Broadway and Hollywood’s brightest to sing this anthem of hope led by the legendary original Annie, Andrea McArdle. 

Share your hope for tomorrow by posting your own #TomorrowTogether video.

About Shields For Heroes

Founded with urgency in the early days of the COVID 19 pandemic, Shields For Heroes delivers much-needed safety gear into
the hands of the nurses, doctors healthcare professionals, and everyone who faces danger to support our safety.

These are our Heroes and our Heroes need armor.

Right now hospitals are using safety gear we donated with your help. In some Hospitals, our face shields are their only face shields. 
Our heroes protect us. Through donations and participation in the crucial safety practices together we protect our Heroes.

We are Shields For Heroes.